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Altered Book Sculpture

Gallery@Omp is interested in showcasing contemporary artists in their opening exhibition and has combined a variety of styles of 2D and 3D work from seasoned and aspiring professional artists. Nicola Jedrzejczak graduated from Hereford College of Art in 2015; her degree show being a number of book sculptures for her “Observer’s Collection 99/100”.

These pocket-sized and pocket-money priced books were printed by Frederick Warne from 1937 to introduce children and their parents to a detailed study,or observation, of the title’s subject in words and through accurate illustrations in colour. The series started with 11 natural history titles. Originally in a book jacket or wrapper, the series grew from the first ‘Birds” to “Opera” in 1982, each being numbered on the spine when originally published or at reprint (latterly by Penguin Books).

Through the creation of a limited edition of book sculptures, by altering original books, Ledbury based, Nicola Jedrzejczak hopes to re-awaken an excitement in books for all generations by showing the nature themed books as art as part of the “Seeds of Change” exhibition at the Old Mayor’s Parlour.

Nicola creates the paper-sculptures from some of the over 800 editions of the series of 100 UK books, by reading each one, using a process of elimination and research to highlight the title and other observations that she has made about the themes. She then uses those parts of the book that intrigue her to alter the book’s pages building up a 3D observation of the content.

‘Cocoon’ #3 The Observer’s Book of Butterflies was the book that inspired Nicola to alter and create an entire collection. This particular piece was created around themes of rebirth, emergance and change. “Pampus” #7 created in 2015, solely represents the information the book holds about grasses, sedges and rushes. The diverse subjects of the books extend the possibilities for Nicola from natural themes into what was, when the books were written, the developing world of architecture, automobiles, and aircraft plus sports and leisure pursuits.

Will a trip to Australia be required to obtain and create the eight Australian books? Probably not. There are many collectors in the UK, and book fairs for Nicola to find source material. One book that Nicola will not be able to create book art from is #86 “Country Houses’ which was believed to be commissioned but never published. Follow Nicola’s progress on here Facebook Page here.



The “Seeds of Change” exhibition is on from 29th March to 24th April 2016 from 10:00 to 17:00 daily.   Sunday 11:00 to 16:00. Gallery@Night Thursdays open until 20:00


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