The devil is in the detail / 25th October 2016 Back


The devil is in the detail. Well in Brittany’s mind he could be?!

You’d think that studying architecture would make you think big, right? Not if you have a wicked sense of humour and also studied illustration. The resulting drawings by Brittany Davies have been a set of fun places populated by eccentric characters from her imagination.

What is huge is the scale of the drawings to enable Brittany to get the necessary detail to leave clues to the houses or vans or shops inhabitants. Once the drawing is created in black ink, and coloured, they are professionally photographed to enable them to be printed with clarity.

Attention to detail makes Brittany’s style a great draw for shops looking for something a little different to be penned on their windows which is catches the eyes of those who were going to pass by.

Businesses who have wanted something original and hand-drawn to represent their brand, and loved-up couples wanting wedding stationery to reflect their personalities have all been happy commissioners of Brittany’s wonderful line drawings.

Like many artists Brittany also turns her hand to producing home and gift-ware for craft markets and her online store to keep the pennies rolling in. Her brightly coloured studies of bugs, cacti, terrarium, cups, and other multi-form things look fantastic printed on cushions and recycled paper notebooks.

To be a success in this art form, and since graduating from Hereford College of Art in 2014, Brittany has stayed abreast of fashion trends and spends as much time marketing as drawing to capture the right moment for each set of images.

Her latest works will be at The Craft Gallery from 1st November to 31 January 2016 in the first craft show which includes blown-glass, thrown pots, upholstery, ceramic sculpture, woollens, jewellery and mixed-media paintings. 

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