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Abstraction should never be confused with extraction. The latter has a very uncomfortable dentistry connotation, whilst the former is often misunderstood as a high-brow concept that artist's follow to confound people! It was by chance that there's a kind of abstract feeling about the inaugral hArt Prize Exhibition which has been created by Gallery@OMP owners the Church Street Charitable Trust. It's funny how some things just seem to come together.

The conceptual process for choosing the winners of the three prizes of £1,000, £500 and £250 plus a three-week residency at the Gallery@OMP in September during the annual Herefordshire art week (which is a unique Herefordshire week of 9 days) was a set of classifications not disclosed to the entrants for choosing fresh, vibrant contemporary art and craft. The process brought to the top of the list three artists who are at different stages of their artistic careers. They also use different media but are all filtering information in their observations of the world around them.

Verity Howard has recently graduated from Manchester and is producing ceramic forms reflecting the places she has been to and historic Hereford . She's recently returned from a residency abroad. Her new pieces are based on the work of Herefordian Alfred Watkins and his ley line theory.

Rachel Sudworth's watercolours are flowing clouds of colour as she captures the beauty of the landscapes surrounding her. Rachel also potters with paper, creating forms for their aesthetic appeal. This is a return to the OMP for Rachel who's first ever exhibition was in the old space before it was renovated. Rachel's new paintings will be based on her walks around the landscape near her studio in Herefordshire.

Marek Zylinksi brings a keen eye to the macro elements of large seascapes. Using colour and movement to capture patterns and emotion of the places that he visits and in particular a beach in Portugal that he's been returning to for over ten years. Marek is a photographer.


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