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Rachel Sudworth can be inspired to start a new work from something as small as a lichen covered twig to the vast expanses of Icelandic landscape. She’s rarely stuck for inspiration as it is all around.

For the “Abstraction” exhibition Rachel has been focusing on Herefordshire. It’s a fond return to the Old Mayor’s Parlour as when Rachel first moved here, she was returning to painting after years in the design industry.  She says, “ A wonderful textile artist called Caro was organizing an exhibition at the OMP. She included me in the group show. Her confidence in my abilities was a huge encouragement. Sadly she is no longer with us, but I think of her often.”

Rachel is inspired by colour, texture, line and form found in wild and open landscapes, taking inspiration in things like fog and mist, lichen on sticks, soft cloud formations and quiet spaces. 

 Rachel’s paintings are rarely specific places. Collecting images, she draws, makes colour studies and takes photographs in the landscape itself, before heading back to the studio where they are distilled and explored. The complete pieces convey an impression of time, place and season, inviting the viewer’s interpretation and involvement.

A final piece is made of many thin layers of paint. The materials that she uses have fluid and spontaneous qualities, which she manipulates to allow the work to develop organically and naturally- allowing the paint to run, pool and soften, building layers and washes to create depth and atmosphere.

The Gallery@OMP h.Art Prize 2016 exhibition brings together the latest works from three Herefordshire artists who received prizes from the Old Mayor's Parlour owner - Church Street Charitable Trust. Verity Howard, ceramicist, Rachel Sudworth, painter and Marek Zylinshki, photographer will be at the exhibtion "Abstraction" on different days. Open everyday 10:00 - 17:00 with Gallery@Night to 20:00 on Thursday 15th September

Day September  Artist  Day September Artist
h.Art Week  Monday 19th Marek Zylinski
Saturday 10th  Marek Zylinski Tuesday 20th Marek Zylinski
Sunday 11th Verity Howard Wednesday 21st Marek Zylinski
Monday 12th Marek Zylinski Thursday 22nd Verity Howard
Tuesday 13th Marek Zylinski Friday 23rd Verity Howard
Wednesday 14th Marek Zylinski Saturday 24th Racehl Sudworth
Thursday 15th Rachel Sudworth Sunday 25th Verity Howard
Friday 16th Rachel Sudworth Monday 26th

Rachel Sudworth

Saturday 17th Verity Howard Tuesday 27th Verity Howard
Sunday 18th Rachel Sudworth Wednesday 28th Verity Howard

Thursday 29th Rachel Sudworth
Friday 30th Rachel Sudworth
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