The ship of fools is docking in Hereford. / 10th November 2016 Back


We’re not selling you down the river on this one. Thanks to the talents of one of the UK’s leading living glass artists, you’ll keep your feet dry. The blown-glass sculptures by Karlin Rushbrooke will be featured in a craft showcase at The Craft Gallery at the Old Mayor’s Parlour, Church Street, Hereford. Embracing Karlin’s love of putting form before decoration the sculptural pieces give his version of events based on the allegory of the ship of fools.

The first pieces in this body of work by Karlin, start to tell the story of a ship with a dysfunctional crew. Artists and writers have been interpreting the parody also known as the ‘ark of salvation’ since the early 15th century. A time that is meaningful to the Old Mayor’s Parlour, home of The Craft Gallery, as it was a fully functioning seat of mayoral power in the 15th century.

Karlin Rushbrooke was born in the East Midlands at the end of the second world war. He opened his first glass studio in 1969 in Sussex.  Like many artists he supplemented his income by teaching others his skills and sharing his working methods.  He moved to Hereford in 1979. After a spell teaching at Bristol, he turned his hand to the building trade which he continues to do professionally today when not in his glass studio.

Karlin has been a member of the Contemporary Glass Society, previously British Artists in Glass, for over thirty five years.  His work is much sought after. Pieces can be found in the V&A, London and other museum collections in the UK as examples of the quality of functional and sculptural glass making in the UK.  Over the years his domestic wares, and decorative pieces have appealed to many. Karlin took a sabbatical from glass for six years and has recently restarted the furnace again. His Madley studio was a very popular venue during September’s hArt Week.

“I’m delighted to be featured in the first craft showcase at the The Craft Gallery. The bright light space will suit my pieces. My inspiration for this new series of work comes from the ‘ship of fools’. The ideas develop further as the glass is blown and shaped. I hope the crew will give the visitors to the Gallery something to enjoy thinking about. I’ll also be exhibiting stoppered bottles, goblets and a sculpture.  I hope my work brings visitors and buyers pleasure, what more could I ask for!”

The Craft Gallery will run four craft showcases each year, and this first one will feature eight artists. The doors open on Tuesday 1st November. Work on show will include blown glass, hand-made furnishings, ceramics, illustrations, abstract paintings, and textiles. 

Gallery opening times will be Tuesday to Saturday 09:30 – 17:00. It is located on the first floor and the age of the building prevents the owners from creating a lift or other form of assisted access. Hugh and his team will be happy to assist in bringing down items to those who are unable to go up the stairs.

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