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Hannika Sumner is an artist-designer who makes lines dance to a new tune by applying them to a variety of materials. Whether ideas blossom from studying the botanical illustrations of German, Ernst Hoeckel, or from visits to museums the resulting piece will always have a quirky feel and unique characteristics.

The kinetic and static miniature sculptures and photo-holders made from nutshells, resin and found objects or seeds are adorable. They are timeless pieces which will sit well in any interior whether vintage, pop, or contemporary. The wiggling wires are sure to bring a smile to any jaded shopper.

Hannika’s jewellery is difficult to pigeon-hole as the start point for many of the pieces is in the materials. Drawing on her training, Hannika has a clear sensitivity towards a variety of materials combining traditional and modern methods of making.

As if all of those sources and thoughts were not enough, Hannika, also references medical illustrations. She admires their intricate attention to detail and quality of line.  Those elements are ever present in her body of work. 

So if you like a quirky alternative to mainstream accessories and artwork with a fun, personal and slightly-off-the-wall feel then a Hannika Sumner piece should be part of or start your artistic collection.

Hannika's sculptures and jewels are in The Craft Gallery’s first showcase until 31 January 2017 (Tuesday to Saturday). Together with the work of seven other established or emerging contemporary artisans, featuring blown-glass, textiles, thrown pots, upholstery, ceramic sculpture, jewellery, mixed-media paintings and line drawings.

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