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Seascape by Marek Zylinski Gallery@OMPMarek Zylinski has been taking photographs most of his life.   He has developed an abstract and impressionistic approach to landscape photography. Creating photographs which are full of patterns of light or texture.

Marek  aims to show the subject's essence - and his experience of it - not the reality. The subject itself is secondary to the act of seeing.

One of its most special qualities is that the sea attracts and reflects our whole being. We too have storms and calms, depths and surface. The sea is the perfect place for meditating and dreaming.

Observation of the subject, often the same place over many years, builds up a clear idea of what Marek wishes to frame and how he will choose the settings for the photo-shoot. Marek is a photographer who likes to create the image in the camera rather then by alterations with software in the studio.

“Some images can take months to set up. For the image of the sun just rising over the tossing surf, I had to wait until winter when the sun rises over the sea rather than the land, then wait for a sunny day, then I had just a few minutes to take the picture before the sun rose too high.”

These photographs use a combination of techniques: long exposure, intentional camera movements, in-camera multiple exposures. Photoshop is limited to tonal adjustments. Marek prints all of his small-run limited editions of photographs and uses Hahnemuehle archival paper.Dune photograph by Marek Zylinski Gallery@OMP

The photos on show at the Gallery@OMP for the h.Art Prize exhibition were all taken on the Atlantic coast of Portugal, which he has been visiting for several years. Like most people, Marek feels the allure of the sea. We all love to walk, play or simply gaze at it. When he is not there, and let’s face it, you are pretty land-locked in Hereford, he longs to return to it. The promise of freedom.


The Gallery@OMP h.Art Prize 2016 exhibition brings together the latest works from three Herefordshire artists who received prizes from the Old Mayor's Parlour owner - Church Street Charitable Trust. Verity Howard, ceramicist, Rachel Sudworth, painter and Marek Zylinshki, photographer will be at the exhibtion "Abstraction" on different days. Open everyday 10:00 - 17:00 with Gallery@Night to 20:00 on Thursday 15th September

Day September  Artist  Day September Artist
h.Art Week  Monday 19th Marek Zylinski
Saturday 10th  Marek Zylinski Tuesday 20th Marek Zylinski
Sunday 11th Verity Howard Wednesday 21st Marek Zylinski
Monday 12th Marek Zylinski Thursday 22nd Verity Howard
Tuesday 13th Marek Zylinski Friday 23rd Verity Howard
Wednesday 14th Marek Zylinski Saturday 24th Racehl Sudworth
Thursday 15th Rachel Sudworth Sunday 25th Verity Howard
Friday 16th Rachel Sudworth Monday 26th

Rachel Sudworth

Saturday 17th Verity Howard Tuesday 27th Verity Howard
Sunday 18th Rachel Sudworth Wednesday 28th Verity Howard

Thursday 29th Rachel Sudworth
Friday 30th Rachel Sudworth
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