A jiggle of jugs? An alley of bowls? / 10th November 2016 Back


 Who knows what the correct name is for groups of the same type of delightful hand-made domestic ware? And why shouldn’t a member of the Herefordshire Guild of Craftsmen suggest some descriptions of her own?! Rachel Padley has been busy throwing, glazing and firing from her new studio finished in May 2016.  Like many highly-skilled potters the volume she is able to produce is considerable and just about keeps up with demand for her highly collectible pieces.

The experienced potter, kneads the lumps of clay before centring them on the wheel. Lots of water and spinning all controlled by the pressure from Rachel’s hands raises the form. A trained eye takes the pot to the right height and shape, but as they are hand-made each piece is totally unique. This is great as they become a favourite and persona fit for the hands of the end-user whatever their size.  Some prefer straighter sides, others love the belly curves!

Rachel also draws on her earlier experiences as a conservator plus her love of nature to create sculptural pieces for the garden. All of her clay pieces are finished with glazes and fired in an electric kiln. She has experimented with dribbles of gloss blue down red glaze this year.

The Craft Gallery is pleased to be showing Rachel’s red-ware which has a delightful range of colour thanks to the properties of glazes reacting to the heat of the kiln. Open until 31 January 2016, Tuesday to Saturday 09:30 – 17:00. 

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