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vanessa pomeroy plein air painter

For a plein air painter the weather report is important. Rather than reacting with any excuse to stay indoors, they are often looking for the extremes. They are keen to see skies full of cloud, the wind blowing, sheets of rain and light changing on the landscape. Useful items for the plein air or outdoor painter are sets of waterproofs and high-protection sun-cream.

On the Welsh borders, Vanessa Pomeroy finds the inspiration for her voice as an artist where the elements change across the hills and vales. The substance of these ideas are essentially positive and focus on the activity of change. Movement across the landscape where dark luminous clouds change to light, and vast shaded valleys breath new life at the stroke of a ray of light illuminating the fields.


Plein air is about observation. Oil paints in glazed layers with expressive brush strokes give the paintings their own movement as they react to interior and natural light falling across them. The paintings reflect on the light of the landscape, are inspiring, giving a sense of renewal, and joy, enhancing our ‘valley’ experiences, our day to day lives.

Reproducing the actual conditions in front of them allows the artist to return to the same view again and again with very different results. It has been popular since the mid-1900s and assisted by the introduction of portable easels and paint in tubes which made taking the studio to the subject practical. More recently pop-up tents and awnings make the experience more pleasant in wet weather.

Vanessa’s paintings can be enjoyed at the “Seeds of Change” exhibition from 29th March to 24th April 2016 from 10:00 to 17:00 Monday to Saturday, and until 20:00 on Thursdays for Gallery@Night. Sundays 11:00 to 16:00.

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