Geysers, geometrics and German functionality combined in cuddly cowls / 10th November 2016 Back


Whilst some strive for the latest must have gadget, in a workshop in Hereford, the vintage mechanics of a domestic knitting machine are more than enough for the creation of contemporary originals by experienced designer Marissa Thereze. Each cowl, scarf, hat or hot-water bottle cover is as unique as each sheep, camel, goat and (we kid you not) yak that has provided yarn.

It is the task of the designer to put together colours which will emphasize the patterns knitted and give the wearer a statement piece. Fashionable and fun.  As was the trip to Iceland that Marissa Thereze made a couple of months back. On a mission to research Icelandic knitwear to enable her to include elements of the patterns and colours in her Autumn/Winter collection it was the landscape that captured Marissa’s attention.

Combining the ideas that she gathered, with her love for the geometrics of Bauhaus design and reacting to her mood to choose the colours to complete the patterns as she knits, the fashion fusion created is attractive on the functional knitwear. Marissa is also driven to share her love of the vintage knitting machine and brings at least a dozen new knitters into the fold through her workshops each year.

Marissa says, “I’m very excited about this year’s new collection which now includes a soft Geelong Merino wool in the mix. I’ve enjoyed being back at the machine more and happily creating wonderful colour mixes and the occasional bit of two-tone too! An exciting trip to the cool but dynamic land and sea of Iceland has shaped some new patterns and combinations which I’m looking forward to everyone seeing.  ”

The Craft Gallery’s first showcase will have the latest work of eight artists. Pieces on show will include blown glass, hand-made furnishings, ceramics, illustration, abstract paintings, and textiles.  

Gallery opening times will be Tuesday to Saturday 09:30 – 17:00. It is located on the first floor and the age of the building prevents the owners from creating a lift or other form of assisted access. Hugh and his team will be happy to assist in bringing down items to those who are unable to go up the stairs. 

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