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Many of us take a seat to do some reading, but we don’t expect the chair to have it’s own tale to tell. The bespoke chairs created by Katie Tyler have already lived one or more lives before they are re-vamped in her unique style. Sourcing materials with a difference, often from the past (a.k.a. vintage), has led to overseas forays as well as seeking wonderful British textiles. Setting the scene with theatrical back-drop cloths from Italy and French linen garments, Katie’s designer eye saw the potential to make chairs and cushions with flair and fun for this exhibition.

Stylised painterly trees on a cream background are cut, sewn and fitted to a 1940’s bentwood arms chair frame with a coil sprung seat to make a low comfortable chair. Why was it a forest scene? Which play or opera did it take the stage for? The muted colours are dreamy and very reminiscent of 1920’s versions of soft-edged trees. 

The level of skill that is required to turn a piece of cloth into a professionally, hand-crafted, piece of upholstery is extraordinary:- careful cutting, straight sewing, hammering, stapling, stuffing, buttoning and more. All of that combined with a design flare that makes vintage work in contemporary settings is the signature of Katie Tyler’s designs.

There’s also a sense of the quirky or fun in the placement of buttons and the creation of pockets in the vintage fabrics perhaps for modern items such as TV remotes or mobile phones or just that spare pair of reading glasses that we can never find! Each piece is unique. Katie can work with a lover of her style to create one piece or a whole interior for a room or beyond.  

A number of her pieces will be on show at The Craft Gallery in the first showcase which started on 1st November and ends 31 January 2017. The items you see on this website and social media are for sale so what is on show will be changed for other pieces as sales are made. 

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