Every dog has it’s day thanks to emerging ceramic artists sculptures / 10th November 2016 Back


Some would say that William Rolls career has gone to the dogs since he graduated two years ago, and they’d be right. By design William has spent his time observing dogs to enable him to create unique sculptures of character in clay.  He’s been working with new techniques to create different textures in the coats of the canines to cover a wide variety of breeds. They’ll be part of the winter showcase at The Craft Gallery, at the Old Mayor’s Parlour from 1st November 2016 to 31 January 2017.

After observing the dogs in life, film and photographs the body form is shaped using pieces of clay applied over a paper body to capture a moment of movement. The dog’s coat is then layered on top or teased out of the clay depending on the type of fur.  Features are created and finishing tweaks to any twists and turns.

The more technical stage is to ensure that no bubbles are in any joins which could cause splitting in firing. It’s important to get each piece slowly and completely dried. Using mainly salt firing to create a myriad of colours and surface finishes which enhance the final work. William also uses saggar boxes to encase his work and surrounded them with organic materials to achieve a truly unique finish every time.

So which of the many breeds will be your favourite?  No feeding or walking required. Perfect for a Valentine's gift maybe whether to drop a hint of the real furry friend you'd like or to celebrate the one you already have. 

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